My Antidepressant Nightmare

I am living a NIGHTMARE.

How did I become the most HATED, Maligned and Misunderstood Man on Staten Island?



18 years ago I sank into a major depression – and was put on a low dose of SSRI antidepressants.  I went off course and gradually took more and more – up to 10 – 20x the prescribed dose over the course of a year.

The fact is overdosing on antidepressants may be behind this long series of meaningless gun violence that has become a nearly daily event – the ‘new normal’ nowadays.  You didn’t see this in the 20 years prior or really any time prior to the release of these drugs.

I had two major highly explosive psychotic episodes when my charged state of mind finally exploded out of control.  As I grew more and more angry and hostile over the course of a year, I finally screamed at the top of my lungs at a work colleague in a psychotic episode, which very nearly cost me my job. 

I also screamed in a psychotic rage at a high-profile elderly neighbor. The aftermath of this was like an Atom Bomb had detonated over my house, as this neighbor, in an intense state of rage, brutally denounced me as a violent rapist and murderer to anyone and everyone that would listen to her, in my community and elsewhere.  People scatter wherever I go in my community and at large

Social media has since completely murdered and buried my reputation everywhere here on Staten Island.  Now, everywhere I go, people dart away and run away from me: “Sadistic Aggressive Behavior” in the words of my doctor.  And judging from the magnitude of these reactions to me everywhere I go here, thousands of people have heard this story about me, it seems.  

SSRI Antidepressants are in fact the root cause of this endless cycle of meaningless gun violence and knifings perpetrated at schools, malls and everywhere else  – and this is not just in America.  

Why else has all this relentless pace of violence surged in the last 20 years – at precisely the same time as the rollout of these drugs onto the market?

There is mounting evidence clearly linking antidepressants with violence – and especially gun violence.  Watch the videos!

One documented fact is that one out of five Americans are on some kind of psychiatric medication, and another fact is that over 200,000 people a year check into hospitals and mental hospitals in a state of antidepressant induced psychosis – you can Google it.   Is it any wonder people are showing up in large numbers, in other places armed with guns?

FACT SHEET: Get Graphics – Dec 2, 2015 Source: ‘Five thirty eight’ “Mass Shootings More Common In The US”. Richie King/Carl Black/Andrew Flowers.

See BBC News Jan 5, 2016. “Guns In The US – The Statistics 

Behind The Violence”   “13,286 people killed by firearms in 2015 and 26,819 injured.”

How Often Do Mass Shootings Occur?  Records Show on Average EVERY DAY

NY Times 12/3/15. & December 2, 2015. Sharon LaFrniere Sarah Cohen, Richard A. Opel, Jr.

In order to try to counter this impossible predicament I find myself in – the most HATED, Maligned, Cyberbullied and Misunderstood man on Staten Island, I had a 14 minute YouTube video made up at the suggestion of a media firm specializing in working with corporations and celebrities whose reputation falls into harms way.

If you watch it (14 mins)  there are three brief, edited video interviews one with Michael Moore [director of Fahrenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, etc], a journalist’s – James Corbett’s ‘Eye Opener Report’ and another from Dr. Moira Dolan, MD from the Medical Accountability Network – ALL describing the up until recently unknown facts about the dangers of SSRI Antidepressants and violence.  It is a powerful, compelling story.   

It is a subject long overdue for discussion in the public domain, as is my own story as well.  

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