“  Bad News From The Psychiatric Community  “


The DARK TRUTH – Antidepressants and Gun Violence

The Hidden Reason for the current tidal wave of random Gun Violence in the United States.


How did I become the most HATED, Maligned, Cyberbullied and Misunderstood man on Staten Island?  Antidepressants & Violence


Fortunately no one got hurt, but my personal tragedy demonstrates how antidepressants can erupt into deadly violence – yet amazingly, few people seriously know this.

My life has been severely impacted by this sequence of events (overdosing on antidepressants).  People here in the same city I live in hate me and run away from me wherever I go.  

The 20 years or so in which all this bloody gun violence has erupted and become widespread, coincides with the widespread rollout of these pharmaceuticals as well as nothing but increased gun control.

After this video interview – no one will look at meaningless gun violence and shootings the same way without realizing that SSRIs could be behind it.

According to the Wall Street Journal, one in five Americans are currently taking at least one antidepressant, antianxiety or antipsychotic medication – many of them written by non psychiatrist/specialists.  

What are the costs – and dangers – to society from such widespread psychiatric drugging around the US and the World?

The public is poorly informed as to the risks and dangers of this widespread drugging. We can finally begin to understand that the increasing frequency of episodes of meaningless acts of gun violence is the result of this.

Through the crucible of his own experience, Ken C – a Government Analyst, had a brutal personal experience while overdosing on these powerful drugs.  It cost him a badly damaged reputation, and almost several lives.

While sliding into a major depression, was treated with SSRI antidepressants.  Not knowing the possible consequences of overdosing on these drugs, and unbeknownst to his doctor who was prescribing them, he gradually increased his dosages, over a year period, to 4 – 10x the normal dose.

This ramped up to a volatile, dangerous, psychotic state of mind, which could easily have led to a brutal, bloody ending.  A benevolent employer, a good therapist and absence of a weapon eventually saw his way out of potential disaster.

What went wrong?  “There were no warning labels on the bottles, and no one had a clue what was happening to me!”

It took a number of years after the final cataclysmic psychotic episodes on these drugs to see it on YouTube and come to the startling realization that – not only was he not alone, but that the effects are actually widespread – and responsible for the astonishing numbers of meaningless random shootings and gun and knife violence occurring in the US on a daily basis.

In an effort to address his incredibly damaged reputation in his home town of Staten Island, Ken C had created a short video – at the suggestion of a PR firm specializing in crisis management for companies and celebrities who’s reputations are suddenly compromised by controversy.

The video details his story within the larger story as explained in the video by several highly qualified sources and spokespeople.  

Rather than blindly blaming the gun owning community, the public needs to be introduced and brought into public discourse about this topic: Antidepressants and meaningless gun violence.

This information and interview place this entire era of non stop gun violence squarely on the shoulders of SSRI Antidepressants and Big Pharma.


Kreisler was 16 years old – Jackie Salo Jan 24th, 2017


24 year old Man who plead guilty to triple knife murder as teen kills himself in jail:  this kid was taking antidepressants at the time of the murders!

Dec 2, 2015 Source: ‘Five thirty eight’ “Mass Shootings More Common In The US’. Richie King/Carl Black/Andrew Flowers.

BBC News Jan 5, 2016. “Guns In The US – The Statistics Behind The Violence”   “13,286 people killed by firearms in 2015 and 26,819 injured.”

How Often Do Mass Shootings Occur?  Records Show on Average EVERY DAY NY Times 12/3/15. & December 2, 2015. Sharon LaFrniere Sarah Cohen, Richard A. Opel, Jr.

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